Fine handcrafted jewelry
with beads, stones,
sterling and vermeil findings

Hotel Cap St Louis - Sénégal. Superb accommodation and fine African Trade Beads jewelry

A re-stringing service for all your beaded Jewellery

The UK's #1 Online
Printer Ink Cartridge Shop

Mzuri Beads - Handmade and Ethical Collections
of Ugandan Beads

The best European
Bar Restaurant
in The Gambia

Traditional silver jewellery from the Tuareg nomads of Mali and Niger

One of the Internet's largest sources of
Trade Beads, Jewellery, Artefacts and Curios
from the West African Trade

Modern Asian Trade Beads - Jewellery, Collectibles and Reproductions of Ancient Designs
for Jewellery Makers and Collectors

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