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The Orient

A pictorial travelogue showing the spectacular sights encountered on my journey through Taiwan to Hong Kong and onwards to the bead-producing City of Guangzhou, in mainland China.

A riot of colourful choices in the shops and markets, combined with the fantastic skyscrapers of Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Night time scenes of beautifully lit buildings along the Pearl River and examples of the incredible arts and crafts at the huge Guangzhou International Trade Fair.

Visiting Buddhist Temples and finally relaxing into the quieter rural areas of southern Taiwan .. away from the scooter-filled city streets and into the fresh air and blue
skies of the countryside.

From my base in The Gambia ..
a journey by land and air to revisit friends on Gorée Island in Sénégal, Bamako and Mopti in Mali.

A special desire was to discover if the legend of Timbuktu is still alive and to obtain that 'special' stamp in my passport.

Then some eventful travelling through Dogon country to Burkina Faso to experience the
FESPACO African Film festival and visit the accompanying assembly of traders and musicians in its capital Ouagadougou.

Onwards, braving the 50+ degree C heat and sandstorms of Niger to travel to Niamey, its capital city .. experiencing both its charms and its many surprises.

A pictorial record of a journey taken in September 2002. Driving North to visit world bead expert Peter Francis Jr. in his Lake Placid home ... from there to Indianapolis to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and then meeting many colourful Native Americans at the annual Friendship Rendezvous in Southern Indiana. Onwards to Louisville Kentucky before returning to tour the City of New York, to see the sights and witness .. at first hand .. the sobering scenes of the destruction and the start of the rebuilding of Ground Zero.

Somewhat of a departure from my normal travels .. a few days spent upriver in The Gambia with my long-time Mandinka friends on their  typical West African farm.

My journey by bush taxi and ferries, criss-crossing the River Gambia in late 2007, to share their farming life, harvesting their Groundnut crop and watching the management of the herds of cattle by nomadic Fula herdsmen passing though the Basse Santa Su area on their long walks to find fresh pastures.

I had the chance to take some really beautiful photographs in idyllic weather .. to illustrate and accompany this account of how traditional subsistence farming supports this large extended family, whose members equally care for each other .. sharing the hard work and the simple pleasures. An example for us all of how to live together in productive harmony.

One of West Africa's best kept natural secrets .. scenic landscapes, rivers, creeks, animist tribes and bird life, providing plenty of material to delight photographers and ornithologists.

A pleasant journey .. with camera in hand ... around this region of Southern Sénégal, using local transport - bush taxis, buses and pirogues. Meeting old friends and making many new ones, in traditional settings that have changed very little over hundreds of years.

Travelling by pirogue between the island villages of the magical Kalissaye Bird Reserve,  by road through Bignona to the heat, humidity and unusual 'mountains' of Ziguinchor and the welcome cooling sea air of Cap Skirring.

Unusually, on this trip, having time to relax and be a 'tourist' .. with many advantages and a few disadvantages !



A pictorial account of my experiences after accepting a generous invitation from friends to visit South Africa to see the wildlife in The Kruger National Park and then drive around the country to visit some of its famous landmarks.

From the Kruger through the unique Kingdom of Swaziland and then down through KwaZulu-Natal, via Rorke's Drift, to the South Coast. Touring along the Garden Route and Sunshine Coast, staying in various Backpacker Lodges to Cape Town. Finally discovering the magical town of Nieu Bethesda in the middle of the Karoo Desert before returning to Pretoria.

  Driving hundreds of kilometres in two days .. North from Nouakchott through spectacular mountain scenery to Atar and onwards to visit Chinguetti, the 7th most holy city of Islam, in August 2006.
Discovering a host of unexpected delights on a trans-Saharan route which, at first, was anything other than spectacular, but thankfully proved to be vastly different with some incredible and very beautiful scenery.
Scenic pictures of the unusual mountains of the Adrar Plateau, the flat plains of the escarpments and the discovery of the magical villages of Terjit and Chinguetti.



A ten day dash from The Gambia through Sénégal and into the Mauritanian Sahara, attempting to find the town of Kiffa.

Hair-raising night travel through the desert, on the trail of both the elusive and very exclusive Kiffa Bead and the ladies who have been producing these individually handmade powder glass beads for 100 years. Pictures of the landscapes and the treasures that were found in Mauritania amongst the friendly and hospitable people there.

The sometimes traumatic tales of a three week round-trip by bush taxi and bus through The Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Conakry to the fabled town of Djenné in the Dogon area of Mali.
Collecting beads, ancient artefacts and a host of  unique experiences.

The dialogue includes many beautiful pictures of the magical scenes, busy markets, the varying countryside and the special people that were encountered along the way.



Following a chance meeting at Mac's Refuge in Sévaré ( Mali ) in the Spring of 2005 .. I accepted an invitation to stay with a newly-made friend in their lovely cottage in the middle of the Spanish island of Mallorca ( Majorca ).

A week of rest and relaxation in the warm temperatures of this popular European tourist resort, was supplemented by exploring and taking scenic photographs in less well known areas.
Never one for the crowded tourist resorts or raucous nightlife ..
I have tried to capture the flavour of the calmer side of this island, which is set in an azure blue Mediterranean Sea.

A  tale of two adventures in the Mauritanian Sahara Desert .. taking in the delights of Dakar and St. Louis en route  and seeing Mauritania's capital city of Nouakchott with new eyes, in the company of a good friend and resident ex-pat.
The jewel in the crown was           discovering a landscape with incredible variety of colour and form on a fabulous trip through the desert to return to the town of Kiffa.
Meeting old friends - making new ones - and this time, being invited to witness and record the skills of the ladies who make the modern day varieties of these unique powder glass beads, the antique specimens of which are sought after worldwide.



African Trade Beads

Over 100 pages of pictures of previously sold genuine collectable beads as an identification aid to bead enthusiasts and collectors, both now and in the future.

Shown as a big thank you to hopefully help all the loyal customers, suppliers and friends of African Trade  over the past 22 years.

A very Happy, Healthy and Successful 2023 to you all.

-A pictorial tour through the magnificent scenery of the far North East of Scotland in Springtime.
-From John O'Groats,  past the infamous Dounreay Nuclear Power Station, to visit tiny hamlets, nestling amongst the awesome beauty of the moors, mountains, lochs and river
valleys .. almost cut off from the rest of modern Britain.

Sunny days were not plentiful, but whenever the sun did shine .. the scenery was awe inspiring.

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