Niamey - Niger - Tourist Craft Market

Local drums, Dogon carvings, brass figurines, leather bags and well-worn wooden seats mostly occupied by the traders whilst waiting for customers to arrive.

Malian wooden seats are sooooo comfortable, as demonstrated by one of our fast asleep trader friends. Others are washing their hands and feet, with water from the ubiquitous Nigerian plastic kettle .. in preparation for one of the five daily calls to prayer.

The water seller, doing excellent business in the ever-present heat .. and some spirited teeth cleaning, using a wooden twig, by the man sitting on his prayer mat.

Small shops which are full of ancient treasures .. but sadly, few if any beads.

I was a good customer of the Supermarket Haddad .. which is situated opposite the
Craft Market and sells many products including deliciously cool milk and yoghurt !!

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