Kafountine Memories - 1992
Artist's Zum Zum Cocktail Bar

Happy times .. although somewhat hazy .. with my ex-pat friend John playing a hand-clapping game with the artist bar owner's daughters. Note the painting in the upper middle .....

..... which I bought from the artist at the time and is still one of my most treasured possessions.
Painted in oil on a 22 x 18 inch piece of thin local cotton canvas and signed "de campes", it is a representation of the Kankuran, a local protective spirit who roams the bush at night during the time of circumcision ceremonies, to ensure no strangers are spying on the proceedings.
Typically depicted in red and green with crossed swords .. on one of my visits, I was seriously advised not to leave my hotel at night for fear of being confronted by this spirit. I stayed inside !!