Rorke's Drift - KwaZulu-Natal

The site of a most horrific battle between the British and the Zulus in January 1879, which is
graphically depicted in the 1964 film
Zulu . Today it is commemorated by these Memorials
and an absorbing Museum at this former Mission Station and Trading Post situated on the Mzinyathi (Buffalo) River .. which forms the border between Natal and KwaZulu.


A more recent picture ( 2008 ) taken in better weather. The hospital building on the left has been rebuilt and hosts the Museum .. on the right is a modern café catering to the many visitors.

The official guide was a giant of a man and knew the Battle of Rorke's Drift's
history inside out.

Pupils at the on-site village school. I made a comment about a good attendance and their smart uniforms .. to which our guide sighed and said, "Yes we are trying to give them a good education,
but sadly at least half of them are HIV positive. It is a very serious problem and getting worse."

The Rorke's Drift Church

The southern hemisphere Autumn weather had not been good, but as night fell ..
the drizzle cleared .. leading to a most glorious sunset