Kruger National Park - Day 1
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Grateful thanks to my generous hosts for introducing me to South Africa
and for providing a thoroughly fascinating experience whilst guiding me through the Kruger.

Entering the Kruger by the
Numbi Gate .. the nearest Park entrance to our base in Pretoria ..
our first night was spent in self-contained luxury, in this lodge at the
Biyamiti Bushveld Camp.

The next morning .. having been woken up by this
Hornbill knocking on our window ...

... we set off on excellent roads to discover the delights of the Kruger. We hadn't travelled far before we were honoured to be met by an 'official welcome party' of three very large birds !
This Ground Hornbill -
Bucorvus leadbeateri - in all his inquisitive glory, walked up to our car
and grunted a welcome, or perhaps a warning that we were trespassing in his territory.

A little further down the road .. was our first Zebra sighting, although I nearly missed them.
So used to seeing Zebra standing out starkly in zoo or TV settings .. here I could see just how effective their black and white striping is as excellent camouflage in their natural surroundings.

 Panoramic views of the landscape were fantastic.