Dounreay Nuclear Power Station
Opened in 1955 for the development of three fast reactors, all of which are now closed, the decommissioning of the Dounreay nuclear plant is estimated to take 40 years or longer at a cost of between 90 and 110 million each year. By the time it is completed, around the middle of this century, it is expected that the total amount spent will have reached 4.5 billion. The 135 acre site provides employment for around 1200 people.

Close to Melvich .. the road to Sandside Bay offers:
Parking - Men - Women and 'Radioactivity' ?

An informative plaque can be found on a stone plinth overlooking the beach

At the end of the road, a pretty little fishing harbour, with few signs of any activity

To the right, the Dounreay Nuclear Power Station
with a warning sign for visitors

A tiny caterpillar-tracked vehicle could be seen, monitoring the beach for signs of radioactivity