Atar to Chinguetti

It is around 120 kilometres from Atar to Chinguetti, so our bead buying in Atar's market and shops had to be cut short to give us time to attempt a return journey to Nouakchott that same night.

Making sure our long range fuel tanks were full to the brim, we headed out, at first on a gravel road and later upwards into the sheer-walled mountains of the Adrar Massif on a new and smooth tarmac road, which was built by the Chinese in return for fishing concessions off Mauritania's Atlantic coast.

Our route led us up some very steep gradients and hairpin bends, through the Ebnou Pass, eventually arriving at a gendarmerie checkpoint on the edge of a flat gravel-covered plain at the summit.
The scenery was fantastic .. as I hope you can see from the pictures below.

Leaving Atar and crossing the flat plain towards the mountains of the Adrar Massive.

A gentle climb on the slightly ribbed surface.

The air higher up is clearer, which loses the blue haze showing in the previous photographs.
In the distance you can see where the gravel track finishes and the new Chinese road starts.