The Oasis at Terjit 2
Oasis Touristique de Terjit

With some clever dam building .. a small swimming pool had been formed .....

..... where three young lads were thoroughly enjoying themselves in the warm spring water.

Resisting the temptation to dive in and join them .. we walked back down the stream.
It was prayer time, the faithful were praying or performing ablutions prior to doing so.

Time to taste the local delicacies .. these dates melted in the mouth and were sooo sweet !

It was time to go .. people started packing up their belongings and saying good bye .....

..... and as dusk was approaching, it was time for us to go too .. to reach Atar before nightfall.

As we were driving out of the village, we stopped in a narrow gorge for another photo opportunity too good to be missed. I had just raised my camera when the raucous blaring of a car horn deafened us and shattered the silence. Turning, I could see a 'lady' glaring at me from behind the wheel of an expensive-looking new Pajero four wheel drive land cruiser, thumping the horn button for all she was worth. I indicated with a cheery smile that I would only be a couple of seconds .. not, I might add, with a two finger salute .. but this did nothing to calm her impatience.

A stream of Hassaniya Arabic profanities issued forth from her car window, which .. if translated .. would probably have made a sailor blush !! When we moved so that she could get past, she roared off into the distance doing an excellent impersonation of the evil-minded
Cruella de Ville from the Walt Disney 101 Dalmatians film, leaving behind a huge dust cloud that could probably be seen from 10 kilometres away !!!

Mauritanian ladies are much more emancipated than any others I have seen in West Africa ..
sometimes a few are found to be a little too emancipated, leading to unnecessarily rude behaviour.

Methinks her experiences in the peace and quiet of the oasis had not calmed the savage beast within ... I do hope she didn't have more than a few punctures on her way home !!