Nouakchott to Atar

For most of the first 250 kilometres, there really wasn't much to see. I did spot some unusual looking 'space-age type' metallic buildings, a kilometre or so from the road, but it was too windy and dusty to get a clear photograph. Gabriel explained that these were the weekend holiday homes and client entertainment centres of a few rich people in the Nouakchott business community.
Complete mini ecosystems with their own power supplies, climate controls and more luxuries than one could possibly imagine in the middle of the desert. Ultra-modern 'tents' for the lucky few !

Hour after hour we crossed the desert at a steady pace, seeing a few live camels ....

.... and occasionally, the desiccated remains of dead ones.
Gabriel .. 'resplendent' in a tropical beanie hat .. approaches for a closer look.

OK, so it was me that insisted we stop to study the remains, consisting of bleached bones and skin dried out to rock hard leather .. and it was me who picked up yet another unusual 'souvenir' to add to my collection. Not many people can say they own a Camel's Toenail !!

Herds of three to four hundred Camels would wander slowly across the road and eventually disappear into the distance amongst the sand dunes ....

 .... attended by two or three mounted herdsmen.
HERE for a Panoramic view of the Desert Scenery