The Oasis at Chinguetti 2

Just as we were strolling past one of the accommodation huts, two ladies in skimpy bikinis emerged and wished us a very good day in Spanish !! More used to seeing only the faces, wrists and ankles of the local ladies, this came as quite a shock .. although a very pleasant one !

Both spoke good English and after exchanging some pleasantries, we enquired as to er ... what they were doing walking around almost naked in the middle of the Sahara?
 "Oh, we're just off for a swim," they laughingly replied !
And sure enough, they were. The young Spanish lady was working as a nurse in a local hospital .. her Mum was visiting her for a short holiday .. and with her partner and son (?), they were spending a very relaxing weekend in the Chinguetti Oasis.
"Swimming, here?" we said. "This way ...." they said.

Not a sight one would expect to see in the middle of the Sahara .. but a very inviting one !

As much as we would have liked to stay, time was tight .....

..... so we headed back through the village .....

..... across a sea of sand and towards Chinguetti old town .....

..... interested to find out about the large tower, that stood tall over the rest of the buildings.

A view of the old town from the new town of Chinguetti. Claude the Camel .. still there !