The return journeyThe Return Journey from Kiffa to Nouakchott
A varied pictorial display .. shown in the order in which we experienced them .. of the towns, villages, people and animals to be found in the ever-changing Saharan Scenery. From the peace and tranquility of the colourful and vast expanses of the desert around Kiffa, back into the traffic jams and mass of humanity which is Nouakchott.

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Thorn trees and mountains

Camels in an Oasis

Long straight roads out of Kiffa into the Sahara

A small herd of Camels in a desert oasis

People in the relative cool of the early morning

Spectacular vistas

Desert nomad encampment

'Mountains' overshadow the town of Kamour

Typical Mauritanian mixture of buildings at Kamour

Kamour in its picturesque oasis setting

Deep gorges cut through the mountains .....

..... with lush foliage in the middle

Nomadic encampment

Thorn bushes with a spectacular backdrop .....

.... and thousands of silver coloured, needle-sharp thorns

A local hardware store on the side of the road