The Return Journey from Kiffa to Nouakchott (2)
A varied pictorial display .. shown in the order in which we experienced them .. of the towns, villages, people and animals to be found in the ever-changing Saharan Scenery. From the peace and tranquility of the colourful and vast expanses of the desert around Kiffa, back into the traffic jams and mass of humanity which is Nouakchott.

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Camels crossing The Sahara

A Saharan Village in the evening light

Camel herders with part of their long camel-train

Long rows of block houses and shops lining the main road

We turned off the road near this modern water tower to find a small auberge, a handy halfway stop for a snack, some cool drinks or a coffee. On our outward journey we were served by very pleasant staff .. after some delay .. with new cups, saucers, glasses and cutlery on a new silver tray, most still had their price labels underneath. On our return visit, the new box of sugar lumps had no more missing from it than those we had taken out first time. Business must not be brisk and the former delay was probably caused by them scurrying off to buy the items needed !!

One of the few waterways to be found .. supplying these healthy-looking cattle with better than normal grazing

A young Camel looking for its Mum

This truck had been reversed into a man-made ramp of sand for ease of loading the herd of sheep

The residents of Boutilimit returning from evening prayers in the mosque

Beautifully subtle colours in the early evening light

Lengthening shadows as the sun sinks into the West

Back to the mayhem of Nouakchott's evening rush hour