The Desert Scenery near Toueijikjit - Mauritania

A lone camel watching us drive past .....

..... into barren but hilly scenery .....

..... which gradually developed into magnificent rocky outcrops, beautifully highlighted in the setting sun.

As the evening arrived and the shadows lengthened, donkeys in single file trouped home past the remains of a recent 'road kill'. We were told in advance, that this road is particularly dangerous because of the number of animals carelessly crossing the road in front of vehicles. There were indeed many carcasses on the roadside, but as no one clears them away and they take months to dry out and eventually disintegrate into dust .. this is probably the reason that some people mistakenly think it is a very regular occurrence !

..... whilst two young goatherds shepherded their flock of over 200 goats towards their village.

Sunset in the Sahara brings fresh colours to life.