The Journey between Nouakchott and Boutilimit

Click on the 3 pictures below to see their wide screen Panoramas

Entering a village situated on the silver sand of an ancient river bed

The view looking North West from the ruined Castle at Boutilimit

The historical town of Boutilimit
a centre of Islamic scholarship

Leaving Nouakchott ......

...... we were soon into Sahara Desert scenery

No shade from the hot desert sun for these cattle

Long straight roads cut through the sand dunes

Sand dune "mountains" in the distance

Our stylish Nissan Patrol transport

Typical Mauritanian haphazard driving in Boutilimit

Turn right up the hill to find Boutilimit's ruined castle

The ruined castle at Boutilimit .. the town which is a centre of Islamic knowledge

Views looking West from the Castle

View looking North West towards Nouakchott 160 km away

Descending the sandy track into the town of Boutilimit