Street Scenes of Nouakchott - Mauritania - November 2005

A fine layer of dust floating everywhere on this typical outer main road. A metalled dual carriageway to the left and a wide area of sand .. which is on either side of the road .. and used in any direction !

This young lad leading a flock of sheep .. looking as though they are roped together ..

through the traffic. In fact they are all loose and followed him without straying ....

..... until they all arrived safely and joined others, at this side-of-the-road sheep market.

A Moroccan-owned restaurant  .. typical of many local restaurants where the outer appearance is not particularly important to the owners. But the food was good and the staff friendly .. one of whom originally came from the town of Kiffa and another from Agadir ( Morocco ). Both places I had visited and much to our mutual delight, could relate to and discuss with them .. whilst eating my meal.