Trade Bead "eye candy" in Nouakchott - Mauritania - November 2005

Some of the strands of African amber .. local stone, Venetian and Czech glass beads that were on sale

One strand of older Guinea amber and a lot brighter yellow, cheap modern plastic 'amber' on the left.
 A variety of mainly new, imported beads for sale by the strand or in 500 gram packets, in the rear

This particularly long and fine strand of antique Africa 'amber' contains many of the highly collectable four-cornered / cross-drilled 'Mauritanian beads' and cost a king's ransom to buy !!

Similarly rare and even more expensive, was this superb 4 ft / 120 cm strand of what is locally known as 'amber gram'. Antique native copal beads that are sold very dearly in West Africa by the gram.

Calculator in hand .. a fellow Toubab bead enthusiast .. bargaining with one of the bead dealers