A Sad Gambia    
for the Traders and their Families of Serrekunda Market
Shortly before my arrival in the Summer of 2005 an electrical fault, that occurred at night, completely devastated the large local market in Serrekunda, the largest town in The Gambia. Although no lives were lost, very many traders lost all of their goods in this fire .. most not having any form of insurance. As of April 2006 no restoration has been made and the traders have moved from their once established corrugated tin stalls to standing under 'temporary' umbrellas in what used to be the taxi garage behind the market or on surrounding roads where traffic used to flow freely.

The sad remains of my long-time friend Souleman Barri's bead stall .. once a riot of beaded colour ..
now a pile of twisted metal, ashes and a few remnants of stone beads, blanched white by the intense heat.