Dakar Almadies Beach    
Needing only to stay overnight in Dakar, I found a small Auberge in the Toro District, situated on the side of an enormous wide expanse of road and what seemed to be a storage area for building materials. Only 200 meters away was the Almadies Beach, close to the Pointe des Almadies which is the most Westerly part of continental Africa. This beach is a large expanse of sand in front of a whole range of houses and partially completed buildings.

Almadies Beach with more Vultures than people !

The Pointe des Almadies in the distance - and a jet that has just left the nearby Senghor International Airport.

My hotel for the night: The Auberge Keur Mouna, which at the time and for a few years afterwards, was a small comfortable and very friendly guest house. ( 2010 Update ) Unfortunate personal experiences of avaricious and unhelpful management and lack of basic ammenities in the rooms ... make it at present not the place I would recommend you to stay, unless you wish to experience the seamier side of Dakar nightlife, which continues nosily into the early hours in the groundfloor bar. I felt very sorry for Beja and Alaine the still friendly owners .. who were being badly let down by their manager .. and sincerely apologised for the very poor treatment we had received. ( 2015 Update ) Having moved Keur Mouna down to new premises at the bottom of the road, I am pleased to say the situation has improved.

The enormous area of building material production .. albeit clean .. on the road leading down to the beach.