This town comes to life every Wednesday when it holds one of the busiest markets on the island. Started in 1306 by King James II, nowadays it caters mostly to the tourists.
Many Senegalese traders, mostly from Dakar and long time residents of Mallorca, were selling cheap watches, sunglasses, leather wallets and handbags, jeans, tee-shirts and modern wood carvings, with the ladies offering African-style hair-plaiting services.
All bargaining with customers in typical "How much will you pay then? "African fashion !
HERE for a more detailed description of Sineu.

The tiny streets in the centre of Sineu - full of market stalls, restaurants and tourists.

'American Indians' in full costume could be found at most of the islands markets ..
playing along to well-amplified traditional music and selling their wares.

Whilst most stalls sold repetitive "tourist fodder", a few chickens and turkeys ...

.... and a variety of shapes and sizes of horses, donkeys and mules were also on sale.

These interestingly strung new Indian Millefiore beads were my only "souvenirs".