African Trade Beads - Reference Picture Collections
Too attractive not to be preserved in photographic form and shown as reference material.
Previously sold as individual beads or collections large and small throughout the former
African Trade Website.   Click on the pictures to see the full displays.

Venetian trade beads

Kiffa and Venetian trade beads

Chevrons, Czech, Venetian Millefiore and Stone trade beads

Indian, Venetian and African Silver trade beads

European trade baeds

Medieval and
Venetian bicones

Antique - Kiffa
Early Venetian

Chevrons - Czech
Millefiore - Stone

Indian - Venetian
and African silver

Early  European
Glass and Stone

Ghana trade beads

Mauritanian â?˜amberâ?™ trade beads

Hebron trade beads

Indian Agate trade beads

Czech 1920s trade beads


4 Corner'amber'

Hebron Collections

Indian Agate

Czech 1920s

Vaseline trade beads

Quartz Crystal trade bedas

Seed beads from the African trade

Egyptian Faience trade beads

German trade beads

Czech Vaseline

Quartz Crystal

Seed Beads

Egyptian Faience


Kiffa antique trade beads

Venetian trade beads

Mali stone trade beads

Baoule Brass trade beads

Czech blue glass trade beads

Mauritanian Kiffa


Mali Stone

Baoule Brass

Czech Blue

Islamic trade beads

Morfia / Morphia trade beads

Moroccan amber trade beads

Venetian 7-layer Chevron trade beads

Syria and Lebanon trade beads

Ancient Islamic

Morphia / Morfia

Moroccan amber

Chevrons and Tire

Syria and Lebanon

Freshwater Pearl trade beads

Bodom and Akosu trade beads

Persian glass trade beads

Jasper trade beads

Roman Glass Face pendant

Freshwater Pearl

Bodom & Akosu

Persian Glass


Roman Glass

Indonesian Jatim and Pelangi trade beads

Indonesian Pelangi and Jatim trade beads

Jack Reece trade beads

Venetian Chevron trade beads

Carnelian Stone trade beads

Indonesian Jatim and Pelangi

Jack Reece

Venetian Chevrons

Carnelian Stone

Feldspar Stone trade beads

Venetian  Aja trade beads

Colonial Glass bottle stoppers

Venetian Millefiore elbow trade beads

Venetian Millefiore cylinder trade beads

Feldspar Stone

Venetian 'Aja'

Colonial Glass

Millefiore Elbows

Millefiore Cylinders

Venetian Millefiore barrel  and cube trade beads

Neolithic Stone trade beads

Franchini Face Bead

Venetian Ambassador trade beads

Venetian Tabular trade beads

Millefiore Barrels

Neolithic Stone

Franchini Face Bead

'Ambassador' Beads

Venetian Tabulars

Chevron trade beads from Peru

Dogon stone and metal Necklace

Moretti  Eggs trade beads

Baoule Brass mixed trade beads

Islamic and Roman Period trade beads

Chevrons from Peru

Dogon Necklace

Moretti 'Eggs'

Baoule Brass

Islamic and Roman

Agate square tablet trade beads

Venetian 6 layer Chevron trade beads

Ancient Amazonite trade beads

Glass trade beads from Afghanistan

Ancient Gold glass trade beads

Agate Tablets

Six Layer Chevrons

Ancient Amazonite

Afghanistan Glass

Ancient Gold Glass

Ethiopian Telsum - Silver Talismen

Ethiopian Antique Silver

Ethiopian Silver Talismen and Crosses

Indian Ovals

Ancient Nila

Lobi Bronze

Levin Bicones


Rhino Horn

Tibetan Amber

Persian Chip Beads

Venetian Fancies

Venetian Specials 1

Venetian Specials 2

Venetian Specials 3

South African Fimo

Baule Clay Spheres

Ghana Bottle Glass

Ghana Powder Glass

Bissau Water Amber

Moroccan Amber

Afghanistan Ancient

Roman Spiral

Roman Amphora

Egyptian Blue

Faience 'Mummy'

7 Layer Chevrons

Chevrons in Leather

Czech Triangles

Czech "Wedding"

Islamic Prayer

Aromatic Clay


Venetian Bicones

Twisted Squares

Ancient Roman Eye

Dutch / German

Dutch Pentagonal

Hair Decor. Shells

Ostrich Shell

Baoule Medallions

Torpedo Agate

Oval Agates

Hebron Singles

Natural Seeds 

Chinese Chevrons

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