Mauritanian Aromatic Beads - Picture Collection 86
-Traditionally made from the collected and hardened sap of the Myrrh tree.
Myrrh, said to be one of the gifts that the Wise Men brought to Jesus in the manger, gets its name from the Arabic word murr, which means bitter. The myrrh tree grows to be about thirty feet tall; it has knotted branches with musty smelling leaves and white flowers and can be found in the Middle East, India and Northeast Asia.
It is used in aromatherapy for its healing, purifying and uplifting characteristics and is extracted from the trunk, stem and branches by steam distillation. Some of myrrh oil's healing characteristics are that it is an antiseptic, deodorant, stimulant, a fungicidal agent and a tonic.
Many of the beads on these pages have been dyed and the strands decorated with wood and plastic spacer beads, others are in their natural state. This information was kindly supplied by one of our friends who was directly involved with the folklore and tradition behind the wearing of these beads in Mauritania. They all have a mild perfume but are designed to be sprayed with your favourite scent / perfume and can either be worn or hung on your walls.

3 < 4 mm beads on 40 ins / 102 cm strands

3 < 10 mm beads on 40 ins / 102 cm strands

3 < 4 mm beads on
32 to 40 ins / 81 to 102 cm strands

3 < 12 mm beads on
36 to 40 ins / 91 to 102 cm strands

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