Czech 'Vaseline' Trade Beads - Picture Collection 11

More beautiful matched examples of old and new "Vaseline" beads .. their popular name probably deriving from the colour of the petroleum jelly or  its bottle. Produced from the mid-1800s onwards often with Uranium used as the colorant. The older examples shown below fluoresce under ultraviolet light, displaying a lovely smooth patina of over 100 years of wear.

7 ins / 18 cm length of brightly fluorescing
8 x 11 to 11 x 15 mm bicones

5 ins / 12 cm length of colour-matched fluorescing 7 x 11 to 9 x 15 mm bicones

Czech 'Vaseline' trade beads

A collection of 1800's and 1900's "Vaseline" beads from the Czech Republic

Showing the remarkable Fluorescence given off by some of the beads, when under an ultra-violet light source.

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