Tibetan Amber Mala - Picture Collection 64

This beautiful antique Mala Prayer strand of genuine Amber was found on a market in Hong Kong during my last visit to the Orient. Showing the patina of many years
of use .. it is a fascinating part of the religious history of this area of the world.

Tibetan Amber Mala

An enormous 82 ins / 210 cm strand of matched 20 mm spheres .. Weight 547 grams
Smooth with a slight waxy feeling .. the beads are opaque, showing lovely dark inclusions,
which are impossible to show on a scan, but very similar to this picture .. borrowed from an informative and interesting Website article on The Properties of Amber by
Gary Platt.

Traditionally correct, this Prayer Strand has 108 beads for the number of Mantra repetitions in the Buddhist and Hindu religions. The number coming from either multiplying the 12 astrological houses by the 9 planets, or from the Vedic ( ancient Hindu ) belief that there are 108 channels going from the heart chakra out to the rest of the subtle body.

The extra static ( guru ) bead and tassel at the bottom of the strand are said to remind followers of the teachers in their lives. Traditionally the Mala is held between the thumb and middle finger and as each bead is passed, the Mantra, or a name of God is said quietly or out loud. Repeating Mantra is said to be an excellent way of calming the mind.

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