My friend Mariame and the Chimpanzees

Feeding the Ostriches

 We were given permission to go close to the Ostriches and feed them with leaves, by the Head Keeper ( on the right of the picture ) who also specialised in caring for the lions.

Vivariums with a wide selection of Snakes, Lizards, Fish, Tortoises and Turtles

Leaving the Serpentorium .. we walked further up the steep hill with one of the guides, to the top of the Zoo site. More enclosures with Hyenas, Panther, Leopard, 2 adult Lions the parents of the one in the small cage, and other big cats .. most of whom were asleep in the shade on a very hot day - and out of sight ! But the following pictures will give you an idea of the differing conditions in which the animals are housed. Some good, others not so good.

Civet Cat and Desert Foxes in very dark cages

These enclosures were more modern, spacious and clean .. sadly no animals were in view.