The Friendship Rendezvous

The Friendship Rendezvous is an annual historical re-enactment featuring period music, battle re-enactments, period livestock, children's activities and period artisans.  Produced by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association
and held in the small town of Friendship in Indiana .. approximately 90 miles Southeast of Indianapolis.

During the drive towards the Rendezvous, I saw an old barn by the side of the road .. with an interesting collection of er .. flags, tea towels, dusters or something else unusual, hanging in the entrance.

It was my first time ever to see Tobacco leaves drying.

A steady stream of traffic filled the roads into Friendship .. here passing the Flea Market marquee.

The exhibitors' car park was closely packed ...


... as were all the public car parks.


The shooting ranges can be seen to the rear

Many people were staying for the duration of the Rendezvous in a variety of accommodation.


The Museum of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association which is based at Friendship.