Homely Accommodation

My room for the night in a tiny motel was spotlessly clean with a comfortable bed, but just a little old-fashioned ..

... reminding me of a room out of The Waltons TV series from the 70's !

But with a few 21st Century additions.

The next morning I set off toward Lake Placid to accept an invitation to visit my friend Peter Francis Jr.

Choosing a country route rather than the main highway and driving a Chevrolet Cavalier hire car that handled really well .. I wondered why there was any need for a 50 mph speed limit on the excellent wide roads through the forests. Possibly due to the fact that older lumbering American autos with softer springs, are notoriously bad around corners. The bends were correctly cambered and beautifully curved .. more like an F1 race track.

Luckily, as I thoroughly enjoyed the drive on almost deserted roads .. there were no police speed checks !!