New York City under Cloud

Landing at Newark Airport in the middle of the afternoon on a very overcast day .. I collected my hire car and headed in the direction of New York City. No doubt feeling the same way as a badly prepared tourist driving into London for the first time !! I was following the major signposted routes without having the faintest idea which route would be best and what I would be able to see in a couple of hours. My intention was to have a quick look at this famous City and then head North to reach Lake Placid by the next afternoon. Hopefully I would be able to have a longer and better look on my return journey .. but I just couldn't pass by without a peek .. and pointed my camera out of the window.

My first ever live views of the 'Big Apple' .. standing proudly under heavy rain-soaked clouds.

Following the road signs, I headed down a tunnel towards the city centre and emerging into a rainstorm, found myself in Manhattan .. driving past the New York State Supreme Courthouse, in Foley Square.

 The inscription on top of these Corinthian columns reads:
"The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government".

Nearly all colour had disappeared .. into the 'black and grey scenery' !